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Mycorrhizal fungi cells in  SmartRoot ™ source hard to capture nutrients in the soil and make them available for plant use through biological processes.


Improves carbon and organic content of the soil, increasing soil stability and water retention capacity throughout the crop growth cycle.


Improves plant Roots surface area 10-100 fold, greatly increasing plant roots capacity to absorb nutrients and water from the soil.


SmartRoot ™ improves crop yield by increasing agronomic efficiency of crops; water and nutrient uptake by crops.

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The Company

Our Purpose: Enable sustainable food production

Our Mission: Manufacture the best ecological products for soil fertility management.

What We Do: We manufacture SmartRoot™. A biofertilizer containing living cells of mycorrhizal fungi, with ability to mobilize nutrients and water for plant use through biological processes to increase crop yields, improve crop resistance to water stress and harmful pathogens. SmartRoot™ products are for use in a wide range of crops production systems and crop varieties; Home gardening, Nurseries subsistence/smallholder farming and organic farming.

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